3rd International Conference of Doctors' Unions

3rd International Conference of Doctors’ Unions

FNAM (Federação Nacional dos Médicos; “National Federation of Doctors”) has the pleasure to announce the 3rd International Conference of Doctors’ Unions.

The event will take place from the 27 th to the 29 th of September 2018, in Lisbon - Portugal.

The 1st International Conference of Doctors Unions was held in Berlin, Germany, and the 2nd International Conference in Montevideo, Uruguay. Both well attended and high-quality meetings.

For all those unfamiliar with these past events, this Conference intends to be a nonpartisan, international forum of discussion, regarding current problems (and possible solutions) affecting the medical doctors profession worldwide. All medical unions, or acting as such, are welcome!

The richness of the conference comes from the contribution of different countries and their realities. As such, delegations are welcome to participate with reports about all themes brought to the discussion.

The official Conference language is English.

Inscriptions are open!


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